DIY: Create Love

How to make your own map letters
If you’re like Rosemary & me you love, love. This project is an easy way to create a little love for your house.
It’s a super easy project and depending on how many letters you use can be finished in one afternoon. All you need is: Wood letters (I got mine from the local craft store), glue, brush, scissors and maps.
First, cut the map into strips. Next brush glue onto the letter and lay a strip of map over the glue. Apply an additional coat of glue on top of the strip to seal it. It can get a little tricky around the corners; to get the strip to lay flat cut little fringe and glue down.
Once it’s dry, hang and display for a little love reminder in your home 🙂
Happy Heart day!
With Love & Wonder,
Bethany Rose and Rosemary

Tuesday Tunes Featuring Mikky Ekko

We’ve decided to spice things up a bit and send some musical magic your way on this very great Tuesday! Today we want to tell you about an artist hidden deep in the hills of Tennessee. His name is Mikky Ekko and he produces what we’d say is the most unique music one could ever hear. Mikky has a special sound that we feel has never been done before. His music fills the gap between the musical genres, serving us with eccentric notes and beats, topped with an angelic voice that is to die for. Give Mikky a listen and tell us what you think! Check out the video below to see Mikky in a special performance for the Brite Sessions.
And don’t forget to check out his webpage here!
Happy Listening!
Rosemary & Bethany Rose

DIY: Jewelry Tree

We’re always looking for fun and creative ways to display our favorite things. This project incorporates two of Bethany’s favorite things, jewerly and trees. A jewelry tree is an easy way to add organization and beauty to your room, and it’s also a great way to showcase your unique pieces!
All you need to make your very own jewelry tree are the following items:

Bethany used rocks and pebbles in her vase, but the possibilities are endless! A few other ideas we had to add weight to the vase were: pennies, painted rocks, chandelier prisms, marbles, sand, keys and gear parts. Make sure that your vase has enough weight to hold the tree limb upright.
Bethany added a little sparkle to the moss by applying glue and glitter. Once the glue had dried, she placed it on top of the pebbles and added the tree limb to the vase. Last and final step: adding your jewelry! It’s up to you to choose what you’d like to display- all gold, all silver, or a mixture of all sorts. Below, you can see Bethany’s pretty tree in her room! Enjoy making your very own!

Love, Bethany Rose & Rosemary