Our First Roadtrip- Off to Missouri!

What a weekend we had! Bethany and I decided just a few short weeks ago that we were going to finally go check out one of our favorite vintage stores in Springfield, MO- Red Velvet! We have been obsessed with their blog [www.abeautifulmess.typepad.com] for quite some time now. We packed our suitcases, grabbed our friend Jaqee, and headed west on Saturday. We had such a great trip traveling through Missouri. Check out our pics below to see what all we did on our 3-day excursion!

We stopped for a break and what did we find? A Husband Rd? This quickly became the place for our first impromptu photoshoot.

Red Velvet! What a place to find great priced items in perfect condition. These girls definitely know how to run a store!

Sunday we headed to St. Louis and traveled all the way to the top of the arch. Look how high we were up over St. Louis! What a breathtaking view.


We can’t forget out the picture-perfect view from our hotel room either. Jaqee did a great job finding our hotel!

Monday morning we had to take a few hours to check out a few great places. First stop- Blondie’s for a late breakfast. We fell in love with the style of this restaurant– so bright and cheerful!


After breakfast we ventured over to City Museum. We spent hours acting like kids again. There were tons of tunnels and slides and interesting sculptures. What a unique place! Of course we couldn’t help but sneak a few quick pictures in between tunnels.

And last but not least, the zoo! How beautiful are the elephants and butterflies that we saw? We couldn’t help taking too many pics.

Well, thanks for letting us share our weekend with you. We are already looking forward to more road-trips in the future!


Bethany Rose & Rosemary


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