Dreaming Big!

Happy Tuesday, friends! We hope your day has started off beautifully! We wanted to take a minute to share with you our story. Hope you enjoy!

Bethany & I have not always known each other. In fact, we met a couple of years ago after she moved to Tennessee to try a new adventure in life. We instantly became friends and found that we had much in common- a true love for music, color, adventures, thrifting and more! After many fun times together, we realized that the world was missing something very, very special- Where Roses Bloom. Where Roses Bloom is a dream that was discovered sometime in 2011 but came to life in the early weeks of this year. It’s a place that’s filled with our dreams and passions. It’s where we go to be inspired and create, and hopefully one day soon it will be the place for our dreams to come to life. Yep, to life! Bethany and I are so excited about Where Roses Bloom and the opportunities it holds. Very, very soon we are going to start selling some of our favorite vintage pieces online (don’t worry, we’ll let you know when that time comes!), and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Of course, Where Roses Bloom couldn’t just be an online store, our BIG dream is to go mobile with it! We hope that Where Roses Bloom makes such an impact on so many lives that we can’t keep it contained right here in Nashville. It would be a dream for us to travel the U.S. selling vintage & unique finds from all over the world. A dream that we hope comes true sooner than later.

Below you can see pictures from this weekend of us spending time doing what we’re passionate about.. thrifting! Not only did we find a few beauties at an estate sale, we also found an amazing airstream right off the beaten path at Loveless Cafe! What a great weekend.

Thanks for reading about our weekend and especially our dream. What big dreams do you have??

Keep looking up!

Rosemary & Bethany Rose


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