Oh what a beautiful morning…

We all have those days where we have so much on our schedule. If you’re anything like Rosemary & I, most of your days are jam packed.
As much as we like to make lists & to plan out our day, week, month & year (oh my!) the reality is… We are not in control & sometimes you just need to throw those plans aside & fly by the seat of your pants (or in my case, cute vintage dress.)
Today was one of those days for me.
As I was rushing out of my house, running late as usual, I realized too late that my keys were now locked in my house. Keyless & no way in get back into my house or car, I was grateful for the amazingly beautiful day that was before me.
All I can say is my day got moved & shuffled around a bit, but hey… look at the lovely adventure Layla & I would’ve missed out on if my day would’ve gone as I had planned.




I love my new little neighborhood & can’t wait to share all the decorating that each Rosemary & I have been up to at our new home sweet homes! We have so many new projects to share with you!

Here’s to new adventures & appreciating each day we are given!

Bethany Rose

On a side note: thank goodness I wasn’t wearing pajamas!


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