DIY: Patriotic Nails

Patriotic Nails

In just two short days, America will be celebrating its birthday. In preparation for the big red, white, and blue festivities, I decided flag nails were the perfect accessory. The only things you need for this easy salute to the USA are:

  • Red fingernail polish
  • White fingernail polish
  • Blue fingernail polish (preferrably a darker blue)
  • Clear tape
  • Scissors
  • Base & top coats if you’d like

The first (and easiest step) is to paint your nails with a red fingernail polish. (If your nails have a tendency to stain easily, you might want to brush on a base coat first.)

Patriotic Nails 2Once the red polish dries, cut 2-3 inch strips of tape and place them on a surface that allows them to be easily removed (I used a plastic surface). Proceed to brush white polish over the tape in a back-and-forth motion so the paint doesn’t get clumpy until the tape is solid white as you can get it. Let these pieces of tape dry for 10 minutes.

Once the tape has dried, cut very small white strips from the tape. It is easier if youhave lengthy pieces of tape because then you can cut it up into many sections to cover many fingers! I made my strips about 1/8″ thick which allowed me two white stripes per nail.

Place your white stripes on your [dried] painted red nails and trim down on both sides so that you don’t have any excess hanging over the left or right of the nail.

Once the strips have been cut down, you can immediately add the blue to the top left quarter of your nail. (Make sure to choose a blue color that will allow you to see the stars  when you paint them on.) Allow this polish color to dry.

Once the blue has dried, you can now add your stars! Don’t stress too much about aligning the dots or putting 50 on your nail, just have fun with it. I used a toothpick and dipped it in the white paint so that I could get tiny stars on the blue colored portion of the nail.

And finally, once your stars have finished drying, apply a top coat to your nails. And that’s it, you’ve got fingernails that are perfect for all of the celebrations this week!

Happy painting!


DIY: Hand Painted Plates

We all know how not-so-fun the average white plates can be, don’t we? I recently decided it was time to add a little pep to my plates by adding a few colorful polka dots. This was a very quick and inexpensive project that completely changed the look of my kitchenware!

I purchased white ceramic plates at the thrift store for $1 each and paints at my local craft store for approximately $1 for each bottle. With a paint brush, I hand painted polka dots on the plates and let them air dry. I decided on polka dots because I’m currently obsessed with them, but feel free to do whatever design you’d like!

Once my plates had time to dry, I baked them at 350 degrees for 30 minutes and let them cool. I was so excited at how they turned out! Because they are hand painted, it is best to hand wash them to preserve your designs for an extended amount of time.

And now, with my funky new plates, it’s time for a party! I’m so excited to use these plates for many summer gatherings with friends. What a fun summer this will be!



A Night with the Breakfast Club

We had a wonderful night Tuesday night with friends. Usually Tuesday nights are reserved for a night of eating out, but this past Tuesday we spent the night cooking for each other. We had such a good time sharing family recipes and adding fun colors to ordinary foods. Who likes pink pancakes and green eggs? We do!

We hope to have many more nights in our home sweet home cooking with friends and making unforgettable memories.

Here are a few snapshots from our one-of-a-kind breakfast!

Eat up, buttercup!



Rosemary and Bethany Rose