A Vintage Dream Has Come True- Our Etsy Store Opens!

WRB_INSTAGRAM_PROMOWe have been anticipating this day for so long! Over 11 months ago, Where Roses Bloom was created. Since then we have dedicated countless hours to this crazy dream of ours- hundreds of stops at stores and flea markets to purchase vintage one-of-a-kind pieces, hundreds of hours of meetings & design, but most of all, countless hours of praying for this dream.

The day is finally here. We are so excited to tell you the news! Today is the day that our very first part of our big adventure starts- we’ve launched our Etsy store! We are so excited to list many of the items we’ve found along the way & hope that you’ll find something that suits your fancy!

Welcome, friends, we hope that you enjoy Where Roses Bloom as much as we do.

All of our love,
Rosemary & Bethany Rose


The Search Continues…

Bethany and I are knee deep in house hunting. While we separated our records and dvds with our roommate Sarah last night, we discussed our future plans. T minus three weeks and we’ll be without our pretty little Rosemont home. The air’s definitely beginning to get a bit thicker as we try and figure out a quick plan of action while still trying to maintain composure (and sanity!). It’s funny how things work in life, huh? Everything is stable, life is great, you’re in your routine and then ‘BOOM!’, God throws you a curve ball. Something completely out of the blue knocks you in your head and leaves you on your knees.

We definitely know that He is demolishing this home for us to move onto bigger and better things, but we honestly have no clue where He wants us right now. I kind of think that’s the beauty in all of this. Yes, we’re scared and confused and upset at the thought of having to move out of our beautiful house with our great roommate Sarah, but at the same time, there’s a new adventure out there waiting for us.

I can’t wait to see where we end up in less than a month.

So, the house hunt continues….


A Change Is Gonna Come: The Move

One of the things that Bethany and I discovered when we became steadfast friends was that we both had a love for adventure. It’s true, when we first started talking about future dreams with one another, we envisioned hopping in an airstream and traveling the U.S. selling vintage goods and having out-of-this-world experiences along the way. We never actually thought about the adventures that might present themselves in the meantime! One thing we know for sure is that God has an amazing way of making our plans form into bigger and better visions that He has for us. Just yesterday, we got a phone call from our landlord that in less than one month our house is going to be demolished! Instead of stressing about where we will be living, we’ve decided to have a good chuckle and let God take the reigns of our future. It’s an exciting time and not knowing what the future (especially the next month, goodness!) holds is something that has quite possibly turned into a very unexpected adventure that is yet to fully reveal itself.

We both hope that you’ll join us on these exciting days ahead, and this moving adventure will be quite a crazy ride! Stay tuned for stories, pictures, videos, and other nonsense that will be happening in the next 30 days.

Lots of love,
Rosemary & Bethany Rose

Dreaming Big!

Happy Tuesday, friends! We hope your day has started off beautifully! We wanted to take a minute to share with you our story. Hope you enjoy!

Bethany & I have not always known each other. In fact, we met a couple of years ago after she moved to Tennessee to try a new adventure in life. We instantly became friends and found that we had much in common- a true love for music, color, adventures, thrifting and more! After many fun times together, we realized that the world was missing something very, very special- Where Roses Bloom. Where Roses Bloom is a dream that was discovered sometime in 2011 but came to life in the early weeks of this year. It’s a place that’s filled with our dreams and passions. It’s where we go to be inspired and create, and hopefully one day soon it will be the place for our dreams to come to life. Yep, to life! Bethany and I are so excited about Where Roses Bloom and the opportunities it holds. Very, very soon we are going to start selling some of our favorite vintage pieces online (don’t worry, we’ll let you know when that time comes!), and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Of course, Where Roses Bloom couldn’t just be an online store, our BIG dream is to go mobile with it! We hope that Where Roses Bloom makes such an impact on so many lives that we can’t keep it contained right here in Nashville. It would be a dream for us to travel the U.S. selling vintage & unique finds from all over the world. A dream that we hope comes true sooner than later.

Below you can see pictures from this weekend of us spending time doing what we’re passionate about.. thrifting! Not only did we find a few beauties at an estate sale, we also found an amazing airstream right off the beaten path at Loveless Cafe! What a great weekend.

Thanks for reading about our weekend and especially our dream. What big dreams do you have??

Keep looking up!

Rosemary & Bethany Rose