A Vintage Dream Has Come True- Our Etsy Store Opens!

WRB_INSTAGRAM_PROMOWe have been anticipating this day for so long! Over 11 months ago, Where Roses Bloom was created. Since then we have dedicated countless hours to this crazy dream of ours- hundreds of stops at stores and flea markets to purchase vintage one-of-a-kind pieces, hundreds of hours of meetings & design, but most of all, countless hours of praying for this dream.

The day is finally here. We are so excited to tell you the news! Today is the day that our very first part of our big adventure starts- we’ve launched our Etsy store! We are so excited to list many of the items we’ve found along the way & hope that you’ll find something that suits your fancy!

Welcome, friends, we hope that you enjoy Where Roses Bloom as much as we do.

All of our love,
Rosemary & Bethany Rose


Well, hello there!

We have a love for life.
The colors. the music. the clothes. the sights– this is Where Roses Bloom.
We are excited to invite you to our wonder-filled view on life. Where Roses Bloom is a digital diary where you’ll find how to’s, party planning tips, vintage finds, and stories of our spontaneous adventures.We hope that you find inspiration each time you stop by to smell the roses. 😉
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